Moving To Seattle Washington? Things You Need To Know If You Are Not From Washington

Austin Robertson November 10, 2023

Moving to Seattle? Brace yourself for a series of shocks, starting with the unexpected need for "happy pills" or, more accurately, Vitamin D supplements. In this video guide, Austin and his team explore the quirks of the Emerald City, shedding light on the weather, service culture, cost of living, and more.
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Embracing the Big Dark: Seattle's Unique Weather

Seattle's notorious "Big Dark" season kicks in with the end of daylight saving time, plunging the city into early darkness. From 8:00 AM to 4:15 PM, sunlight becomes a precious commodity. Although the darkness doesn't linger as long as in Alaska, adjusting to the limited daylight, especially from November to Christmas, can be a significant change.

Service with a Nonchalant Smile

Service in Washington differs from the Midwest's warm hospitality. In restaurants and shops, the staff may not approach you first. Austin recounts a scenario at a tire shop where, after a considerable wait, he had to initiate contact. The lesson: be proactive and vocal about your needs, as the service culture tends to be less attentive.

Seattle's Pricy Property Market

Seattle's cost of living soars, with housing prices skyrocketing 50% above the national average. A standard three-bedroom house can cost upwards of $965,000, reaching $1.5 million in certain neighborhoods. The shock of such prices, especially for those used to more affordable regions, is a common theme among newcomers.

Pocket-Friendly Groceries and Utilities

Despite the high housing costs, groceries and utilities in Seattle are surprisingly comparable to those in the Midwest. The mild climate keeps utility bills lower than expected, making up for the sticker shock of real estate prices. However, be ready for a 10.3% sales tax that ensures the state gets its share.

Active Lifestyle in the Emerald City

Seattle's outdoor culture is a major adjustment for those used to a more laid-back lifestyle. With a healthy population and numerous outdoor activities, the city encourages an active lifestyle. From hiking to enjoying the abundant seafood, residents embrace the beauty of the region and stay fit in the process.

Dog-Friendly Seattle: A Pet Paradise

Seattle holds the title of the most dog-friendly state in the U.S. Dogs are a common sight everywhere, even in workplaces. The lavish treatment of dogs, complete with shoes and Patagonia vests, may surprise newcomers from less dog-centric areas.

Wine Country Surprise

Did you know Washington is the second-largest wine producer in the U.S.? With 792 wineries, the state offers an abundance of local wines, making for delightful day trips. From Woodinville to the Columbia River Gorge, Washington's wine culture adds a sophisticated touch to the city's lifestyle.

Conclusion: A City of Surprises

From Vitamin D supplements to dog-friendly workplaces, Seattle is a city of surprises. As you plan your move to the Emerald City, anticipate both the cultural shifts and the delights that make Seattle a unique and vibrant place to call home. Austin and his team are ready to guide you through the process, ensuring your transition to Seattle is as smooth as possible.

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Moving To Seattle Washington? Things You Need To Know If You Are Not From Washington

Anticipate both the cultural shifts and the delights that make Seattle a unique and vibrant place to call home.

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